Dress Shopping Tips from A Plus Size Stylist

Shopping for your wedding dress should be one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding, but for a lot of plus brides working with boutiques can be disappointing. As a plus size woman and a bridal stylist I always want to make the shopping experience for my plus brides as fun and easy as possible. Here are a few ways to make sure your search for the dress is a good one!

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Fat Bride Demands Normal Shopping Experience

When it came to my wedding, all I’ve ever dreamed about was being a normal bride. I wanted every experience that all other brides got to have. I wanted an engagement party, a shower, a bachelorette party, unique rings, and most of all: a wedding dress that wowed.

The world of plus size clothes shopping has always been more of a vicious hunt than a relaxing pass time. While there are a handful of stores that offer stylish casual clothing in my size, (US 30,) they are all exclusively online. When I say that I wanted to be a normal bride, I mean for everything. I was adamant that I needed to go to a physical bridal shop with my mom and a few close friends and try on several dresses. I wanted to hear their “oohs” and “ahhs” and see how these expensive dresses looked over my many rolls and curves.

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Can Anyone Find This Fat Bride A Dress?

I'm getting married in November. Actually, to be precise, I am getting married in 104 days, which seems like both really long time from now and also way too soon.

A lot can happen in 104 days. I weirdly remember "The 100th Day of Class" always being a big celebration in elementary school and thinking in my little kid brain that that was a substantial milestone. We even judge president's by it: Kennedy established the Peace Corps, Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act, Ford pardoned Nixon, Truman dropped two atomic bombs and ended WWII, and Trump failed to pass an economic stimulus package all in the first 100 days of their respective presidencies. Yet 104 days still isn't enough time to get a wedding dress for a fat bride with a budget of $1500. 

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