Colleen & Matt's Blush Ballroom Wedding

Colleen and Matt met on OkCupid. When they matched, Matt asked Colleen to meet him for a drink at a bar downtown. They share a love for science fiction television and Matt was aghast that Colleen had not watched the Joss Whedon classic "Firefly." He said that for their second date, he would make sure she watched at least one episode and the rest is history.  

In March of 2017, the couple packed up for a mini road trip to the Madame Sherri Forest in Chesterfield, N.H. to see the castle ruins and take their dog, Merry, for a little adventure. They spent the two hour drive talking and laughing, even with a harrowing drive down a steep and narrow dirt road. When they arrived safely, they took Merry for a walk on the trail and meandered around the ruins.  Colleen sat down on a little bench tucked under one of the old stone staircases and when she looked up, Matt was on one knee with an absolutely beautiful ring in his hand. "I was completely stunned and very emotional," said Colleen. "Merry was too, but I think this was mostly because she thought the ring was edible." After the initial shock wore off, Colleen joyfully said "Yes!"

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Alexis & JaHavon's Romantic Garden Party

Alexis and JaHavon first met in 2011 on the dating site My Yearbook. "Online love is real people!" joked Alexis. JaHavon sent Alexis a simple "Hello," which Alexis did not immediately see, but she responded a few days later. After talking off and on for about six months, they met for the first time on New Years Eve. Alexis was apprehensive to meet him because you cannot always tell what people are really like over the Internet. However, JaHavon drove the four hours to see Alexis and when he stopped in to the Walmart where she was working to pick her up for their first real date Alexis was pleasantly surprised because he was even cuter in person.

After their first weekend together, JaHavon was making the drive almost every weekend to see Alexis even while working brutal 10-hour shifts and finishing up school.  They were falling in love, but Alexis did not want a long distance relationship so she called JaHavon one evening after work and said that she loved him and made the decision to move to East Texas to be with him.

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Stephanie & Anthony's Grand Historic Union

Stephanie and Anthony are friends first and foremost and they built up their deep connection over the course of a year before officially beginning to date in 2004. Fast forward twelve blissful years, Stephanie and Anthony were expecting and Anthony was in the midst of planning Stephanie a big surprise baby shower. To keep everything under wraps, he offered up excuses to leave the house, like "I'm going to the store," so he could sneak out and plan everything with Stephanie's family and friends. However, kept the biggest surprise to himself and shocked the whole party when he dropped to one knee, mid-party, and asked Stephanie to be his wife. Stephanie was thrilled and, of course, said "Yes!"

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Sarah & Gabriel's 1930s Hometown Wedding

Sarah and Gabriel first met in high school. They had Economics together and Sarah had a crush on the cute football player with the gorgeous brown eyes and amazing afro, but it was not until they left those fluorescent-lit, locker-lined halls that they fell in love. The couple reconnected  during a dance class that they were taking at a local community college. Sarah's dance partner dropped out and Gabriel waltzed back into her life.  Five years later, Gabriel proposed on their anniversary and they married on September 30, 2016. They chose to have their wedding at a historical venue connected to their favorite Italian/American Watsonville, Calif. restaurant.  "We love the history of our hometown and chose to celebrate in a place that respected the history of our home," Sarah explained. They were the first couple to celebrate their wedding in the gorgeous, fully-restored 1930s ballroom. 

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Bethany & Andrew's Whimsical Vintage Ceremony

Bethany and Andrew had their first date at a pizza shop. The pizza wasn't remarkable, but their conversation was. They dated for a year and a half, spending meaningful time getting to know each other. One day while at their favorite park, Andrew proposed with touching words about their relationship. He said he wanted to propose somewhere special to them, where they could always revisit. 

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Brandy & Kim's 1950s Vegas Elopement

Brandy and Kim exchanged vows in Las Vegas, Nev. on August 21, 2017 at the iconic Graceland Wedding Chapel. Naturally, Elvis was there to officiate. They were not interested in a conventional wedding in the slightest nor were they interested in the hefty price tag that goes along with a big reception so they decided to keep things simple and elope. "Neither of our families were supportive of us as a Queer couple," explained Brandy. "So we decided to elope in Vegas, which is something that I always loved the idea of."

Both Brandy and Kim are originally Floridians, but they met in October of 2013 while they were both working at the Historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. A natural friendship turned into something more and on Brandy's birthday the following year, Kim surprised her with a cake and they became an official couple shortly after that. According to Brandy, the cake really sealed the deal.

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Shannon & Courtney's Queer DIY Marriage

Courtney proposed to Shannon in her parents' living room. She presented Shannon with pictures of her parents and grandparents on their wedding days, which she followed with a picture of Courtney and Shannon themselves and a card. She described the love her parents and grandparents possess for each other and told Shannon that she wishes the same for them before giving her two boxes, containing vintage rings, formerly belonging to her mother and her grandmother. Between the two sets of rings are close to 100 years of happiness and love and now Shannon and Courtney wear those rings and continue that beautiful tradition of love and family. 

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Michelle & Shane's Retro Rockabilly Wedding

Michelle met Shane off of OkCupid after starting school in Massachusetts. She was looking to meet someone out of her circle and after talking with Shane for a few weeks, she felt trusting enough to meet him at his house. They went for coffee, he tripped over a wet floor sign, and the rest was history! 
"That explains our whole relationship..." Michelle explained. "He's cute and clumsy, I'm complicated and know what I want."

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