Fat Bride Demands Normal Shopping Experience

When it came to my wedding, all I’ve ever dreamed about was being a normal bride. I wanted every experience that all other brides got to have. I wanted an engagement party, a shower, a bachelorette party, unique rings, and most of all: a wedding dress that wowed.

The world of plus size clothes shopping has always been more of a vicious hunt than a relaxing pass time. While there are a handful of stores that offer stylish casual clothing in my size, (US 30,) they are all exclusively online. When I say that I wanted to be a normal bride, I mean for everything. I was adamant that I needed to go to a physical bridal shop with my mom and a few close friends and try on several dresses. I wanted to hear their “oohs” and “ahhs” and see how these expensive dresses looked over my many rolls and curves.

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