Tamara and Sam's Fried Green Tomatoes Inspired Engagement Shoot

Tamara and Sam met on an online dating site. Tamara sent Sam a message complimenting a picture of her riding a velociraptor and Sam responded with a question about an unusual crime that had happened near Tamara's hometown. Sam later told Tamara that she had actually logged in that day to delete her profile, but saw Tamara's message and thought she was cute and funny so, on a lark, she shot her a response. Their mutual weirdness won out, they exchanged numbers, and started casually texting. Soon, it was daily.

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Brandy & Kim's 1950s Vegas Elopement

Brandy and Kim exchanged vows in Las Vegas, Nev. on August 21, 2017 at the iconic Graceland Wedding Chapel. Naturally, Elvis was there to officiate. They were not interested in a conventional wedding in the slightest nor were they interested in the hefty price tag that goes along with a big reception so they decided to keep things simple and elope. "Neither of our families were supportive of us as a Queer couple," explained Brandy. "So we decided to elope in Vegas, which is something that I always loved the idea of."

Both Brandy and Kim are originally Floridians, but they met in October of 2013 while they were both working at the Historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. A natural friendship turned into something more and on Brandy's birthday the following year, Kim surprised her with a cake and they became an official couple shortly after that. According to Brandy, the cake really sealed the deal.

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Shannon & Courtney's Queer DIY Marriage

Courtney proposed to Shannon in her parents' living room. She presented Shannon with pictures of her parents and grandparents on their wedding days, which she followed with a picture of Courtney and Shannon themselves and a card. She described the love her parents and grandparents possess for each other and told Shannon that she wishes the same for them before giving her two boxes, containing vintage rings, formerly belonging to her mother and her grandmother. Between the two sets of rings are close to 100 years of happiness and love and now Shannon and Courtney wear those rings and continue that beautiful tradition of love and family. 

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