Sarah & Daniel's Northern California Coast Vow Renewal

Sarah and Daniel met the second semester of their freshman year of high school in Manteca, Ca. Sarah said that the moment they met, she knew she had found her husband. “I came home that night and told my mom that I met the man I was going to marry,” said Sarah. “She didn’t believe me.”

They became best friends first and remained close for a few years before they started dating. Their first date was at a 50’s themed diner in their hometown. They got hitched in Vegas six months later, four days after Daniel’s 18th birthday. “We were head over heels in love and didn’t care about anything else in the world,” reminisces Sarah. “It was the most romantic night of my life.”

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Amalie & Sean's Sweetly Simple Vows

Amalie and Sean met in 2008 playing a 3D chatroom game called “Home.” Sean lives in England and Amalie lives in Denmark, but once they discovered they played the same games and shared many of the same interests the distance was hardly a barrier. Their connection deepened over many texts, MSN messages, and Skype calls until one morning, Amalie confessed her feelings.

“I had tried to hint my attraction for the past 6 months, with no luck, so I thought, why not? Just say you love him! And luckily he loved me too.”

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Abi & Ross’s Sweetly Personal Scottish Town Hall Wedding

Abi and Ross met during college when Abi was doing a semester abroad at the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland. They first clapped eyes on each other in the dining hall, where Ross quickly convinced Abi to join the Sitrling University Drama Society (SUDS for short). Abi fell for the funny, charismatic redhead quickly after seeing him perform and she tried a few subtle flirtations to win his favor, but Ross remained blissfully oblivious to these advances until Abi teasingly stuck her icy, cold hands down the collar of his shirt. Somehow that did the trick and Abi’s cold hands warmed Ross’s big heart.

They never dated in the traditional sense. “It was more like, we hung out once and then I just never left his side,” explained Abi. “There was a deep and very real connection there.”

After that, things happened quickly. “On Monday we were just two people and by Friday I was calling the admissions office and arranging an extension of my semester abroad,” said Abi.

They never looked back.

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Meet The Newest Member of the Big Bride Club: Abi Menzies!

“So…what is your goal weight?”

That was my colleague’s first reaction when I showed her a picture of my brand new designer (plus size!) wedding dress, my pride and joy.

Only moments before, half the office was huddled over my phone asking me what veil I would wear, what kind of shoes I would have, how I would do my hair and makeup - I had answers for all these questions, but I didn’t know how to answer this one.

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Char & Colin’s Retro Punk Carnival Celebration

Charlotte “Char” and Colin first met 14 years ago in school. They had a class together and the two shy souls nurtured their crushes from a distance. When Char finally gathered up the courage to say “Hi” to Colin whist sharing an elevator ride he actually ran away. “I took that as a cue to never say hello again,” said Char. “And transferred shortly after.”

But ten years later, Colin found Char on OkCupid. He said “Hi” this time and asked her out. For their first date, they went out for dumplings and then to a record store. They did not want to stop hanging out so they prolonged their date by sitting in a park for hours just chatting before going for drinks and playing a few lively rounds of ping pong. “It took three dates for both of us to admit that we knew who each other were before,” said Char. “And we have spent pretty much every day together since.”

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Jennifer & Graham's Enchanted Wine Country Wedding

Jennifer and Graham met in college, he was actually the first college boy Jennifer kissed, but they were just good friends until their senior year when Graham made the move to something more. Their first official date was a San Diego adventure, which ended with the newly-minted couple drinking Blue Moons on the beach, toes in the sand, while they watched the sunset over the Pacific.

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Katy & Sean's Unconventional Camp Wedding

There are not many people who can say that they met their future husband while he was wearing a blonde wig and big fake boobs, but Katy and Sean are not your average couple. The pair met in 2009, while working on a short film (thus Sean's interesting choice of attire) and quickly bonded over their shared love of Daria and Labyrinth. The became best friends first and even shared a house before beginning to officially date in 2013.

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Brandy & Kim's 1950s Vegas Elopement

Brandy and Kim exchanged vows in Las Vegas, Nev. on August 21, 2017 at the iconic Graceland Wedding Chapel. Naturally, Elvis was there to officiate. They were not interested in a conventional wedding in the slightest nor were they interested in the hefty price tag that goes along with a big reception so they decided to keep things simple and elope. "Neither of our families were supportive of us as a Queer couple," explained Brandy. "So we decided to elope in Vegas, which is something that I always loved the idea of."

Both Brandy and Kim are originally Floridians, but they met in October of 2013 while they were both working at the Historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. A natural friendship turned into something more and on Brandy's birthday the following year, Kim surprised her with a cake and they became an official couple shortly after that. According to Brandy, the cake really sealed the deal.

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Kaitlyn & Ryan's Eclectic Celestial Union

Wedding bells rang out for Kaitlyn and Ryan on a balmy summer day in the heart of St. Louis, Mo. The heat index was 106 degrees Fahrenheit, but the steamy temperatures did not bother this young couple in love. They married on June 16, 2018 in a large rooftop ceremony officiated by Kaitlyn's aunt.

Kaityln and Ryan, who originally met on OkCupid, felt an instant attraction when they went for their first date at a Starbucks. They stayed until the place closed and then retreated to Ryan's car to continue "talking about anything and everything," said Kaitlyn. Two years later, Ryan proposed in Chicago, Ill. on their second anniversary. He originally planned on proposing during sunset on the beach alongside Lake Michigan, but in his nervousness he forgot that the sun actually set over the other side of the city. With some quick-thinking he tweaked his plans and proposed instead on the iconic Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. He was a tad flustered and forgot to kneel, but Kaitlyn knew it was fate because it was a long-time dream of hers to have a proposal on a Ferris Wheel. Ryan had no idea.  This couple was just meant to be. 

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