Sarah & Daniel's Northern California Coast Vow Renewal

Sarah and Daniel met the second semester of their freshman year of high school in Manteca, Ca. Sarah said that the moment they met, she knew she had found her husband. “I came home that night and told my mom that I met the man I was going to marry,” said Sarah. “She didn’t believe me.”

They became best friends first and remained close for a few years before they started dating. Their first date was at a 50’s themed diner in their hometown. They got hitched in Vegas six months later, four days after Daniel’s 18th birthday. “We were head over heels in love and didn’t care about anything else in the world,” reminisces Sarah. “It was the most romantic night of my life.”

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Ingrid & Johnny's Vintage Jewish Nuptials

Ingrid and Johnny met at a local coffee shop in Pittsburgh where they talked about antiquing and vintage cars. Ingrid loves vintage beauty and design while Johnny loves antique furniture and unique collectables. After months of drive-in movie dates, searching for forgotten heirlooms, and decorating their house with mid century modern furniture, Johnny asked Ingrid to marry him in September of  2016.

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