Jessica & Kevin's Traditional Maryland Celebration

Kevin saw Jessica on Plenty of Fish in 2013. Their conversation faded, but fate stepped in on Facebook three years later, where they bonded in a football fan group. After exchanging numbers and texting, Kevin didn't want to miss another chance, and took her out to see a movie. Later that year, Kevin presented her ring during a quiet night at home. She was surprised, but elated to say yes.

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Nicole & Kevin's Timeless Rustic Wedding

Nicole and Kevin's romance started with a drive-in movie. Nicole got a sitter to watch her daughter while they went out, and the first movie went over so well, they were able to stay for the second. Kevin was planning on a grand proposal, but each step of the way, his plans were foiled. Finally, while they were having a meaningless argument, he stopped mid sentence to fetch the ring. He told her she was difficult, but he didn't want to be with anyone else. 

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For the Fat Girl Afraid She'll Never Be a Bride

As a kid, I traded lost pounds for new CDs from my parents, and any ounce of confidence was threatened out by kids at school. Advice passed down to me all pointed to "shrink down and you'll be loved better." Thinness was an important currency for progress, and I was regarded as chump change.

Anytime I was close to the sweet triumph of a good date, this advice would hold me back.

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Robyn & Stephen's Crafty Gothic Celebration

A week or so before Thanksgiving 2010, Robyn and Stephen started chatting online. The day before her birthday, Stephen picked Robyn up in what Robyn called a "shoddy, white, soccer-mom van." They shyly exchanged hellos, he complimented her hoodie, and they walked around the mall. She grabbed his hand to drag him into a store and that moment, according to him, was when he fell in love. He made sure to keep her out past midnight, so he could give her a birthday gift, and was a perfect gentleman. They couldn't wait to see each other again, and two days later they were back at each other's sides. After a second fun date, he looked over at her and asked, "do you want to be my girl?" To which she replied, "tch, obviously."

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Shannon & Courtney's Queer DIY Marriage

Courtney proposed to Shannon in her parents' living room. She presented Shannon with pictures of her parents and grandparents on their wedding days, which she followed with a picture of Courtney and Shannon themselves and a card. She described the love her parents and grandparents possess for each other and told Shannon that she wishes the same for them before giving her two boxes, containing vintage rings, formerly belonging to her mother and her grandmother. Between the two sets of rings are close to 100 years of happiness and love and now Shannon and Courtney wear those rings and continue that beautiful tradition of love and family. 

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Fat Bride Demands Normal Shopping Experience

When it came to my wedding, all I’ve ever dreamed about was being a normal bride. I wanted every experience that all other brides got to have. I wanted an engagement party, a shower, a bachelorette party, unique rings, and most of all: a wedding dress that wowed.

The world of plus size clothes shopping has always been more of a vicious hunt than a relaxing pass time. While there are a handful of stores that offer stylish casual clothing in my size, (US 30,) they are all exclusively online. When I say that I wanted to be a normal bride, I mean for everything. I was adamant that I needed to go to a physical bridal shop with my mom and a few close friends and try on several dresses. I wanted to hear their “oohs” and “ahhs” and see how these expensive dresses looked over my many rolls and curves.

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