Amalie & Sean's Sweetly Simple Vows

Amalie and Sean met in 2008 playing a 3D chatroom game called “Home.” Sean lives in England and Amalie lives in Denmark, but once they discovered they played the same games and shared many of the same interests the distance was hardly a barrier. Their connection deepened over many texts, MSN messages, and Skype calls until one morning, Amalie confessed her feelings.

“I had tried to hint my attraction for the past 6 months, with no luck, so I thought, why not? Just say you love him! And luckily he loved me too.”

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Vanessa & Kevin's Downtown Chicago Elopement

Vanessa and Kevin first met at a gathering in memory of a mutual friend, and gradually started spending more and more time with one another. Living in Puerto Rico, many of their early dates featured warm nights spent together on one of many beaches. On one especially memorable evening, Vanessa and Kevin went for pizza and a walk on the beach, where they ended up stripping to their underwear for a late-night swim.

“I’m usually very insecure about my body,” Vanessa said, “but Kevin has always made me feel beautiful. That night was proof that I could be myself completely around him and not be ashamed.”

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Megan & Scott's Urban Queen Street Nuptials

Megan and Scott first met on OkCupid. When they started talking, they lived on opposite sides of the US/Canadian border, Megan in Toronto, Ontario and Scott two hours away in Buffalo, N.Y. The distance was a concern, but they liked each other and decided to give it a shot. For their first in-person date, Scott came to Megan and they went to the funky and memorable Royal Ontario Museum. Scott was several hours late because he misjudged traffic, but Megan was nice enough to wait around in the neighborhood for him. They hung out at the museum for a few hours, spent a lot of time talking and laughing, and they have been doing it ever since.

When they decided that this was a "forever thing," Megan and Scott knew that one of them would have to emigrate. They talked about their options and made a plan together. "We knew marriage would be the easiest way to be together," explained Megan.

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Dani & Jeremy's Whimsical Chapel Wedding

Dani and Jeremy met online on good ol' Plenty of Fish. After chatting for a week or so on the interwebs, the couple met for the first time "IRL" at a local Tacoma, Wash. restaurant for dinner. Dani said that she was immediately drawn to Jeremy's generosity, humor and charm. They have been inseparable ever since.

The couple were living together in November of 2017 when Jeremy proposed...sort of. Dani got suspicious when Jeremy rushed out to check the mail moments before some friends arrived for a game night that they were hosting. Jeremy tried to play it cool, but Dani noticed a small white box tucked between some letters. "All night long I was on edge thinking he was going to propose at any minute," said Dani. "But nothing." As soon as the last guest left, Dani could not stand it anymore so she asked Jeremy what had come in the mail. He slowly pulled a black velvet box out of his pocket and said “you mean this?” Queue the waterworks from Dani.

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Michelle & John's Route 66 Cabin Celebration

Michelle and John first met in 2012. John asked to buy the cute blonde a beer when they bumped into each other on the street outside the oldest bar in Ithaca, New York. They had a beer together, but did not exchange numbers and went their separate ways. However, it must have been fate because a month later Michelle was passing the same bar after work and decided to have a quick peek inside. John was there. They had another beer, exchanged numbers this time, and within a week they both knew it was love.

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Victoria & Cristian's Rose Gold Budget Wedding

Cristian walked into Victoria's Pediatric clinic and Victoria's heart danced. Between his uniform, his confidence, and his smile, she was hooked. She asked for his business card and contacted him later that night. Their first date was romantic, filled with wine and easy flirtation.

Cristina let Victoria pick out her ring when they were both ready for marriage, but kept it from her until he was ready for a proposal as perfect as their first date. He asked her to marry him during a walk under a full moon, complimenting her confidence and quick wit, asking to be hers forever. 

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Britney & Mike's Halloween Ceremony

Britney and Mike were married in an intimate ceremony in their backyard on October 15th, 2016. Their backyard, affectionately nicknamed "The Haunted Woods," made perfect sense for a venue because they did not want to go overboard with spending and they really wanted to keep the day low-key with just their closest friends and family in attendance.

They decided on their backyard for the ceremony and reception space because they love the seclusion and the big ol' trees. It is beautiful and spooky all in one and it was perfect for a Halloween-themed wedding, which is their favorite holiday.

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