Michelle & Brenna's Rustic Small Town Wedding

Michelle and Brenna first met on a dating website. Neither were necessarily looking for their forever love since Brenna had just gone through a divorce and Michelle a break-up. However, after their compatibility rating came in at 98% so they starting talking and became friends. “I thought we couldn’t possibly have that much in common,” said Brenna. “But after talking for a few weeks, we realized we very much did.”

For their first date, Michelle picked Brenna up from work and they went to Jimmy John’s. It was love at first lunch when they ordered the exact same sandwich.

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Rebeca & Brian's French Lavender New Orleans Celebration

Rebeca had spent many a happy hour with her colleagues at the Parkview Tavern in New Orleans, but one night 11 years ago she lingered a little longer than usual. It was on this night that Brian made himself known. As Rebeca put it: “Brian barged into the conversation I was having with another woman, and we kept talking long after she left. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Their proposal was not a traditional one. In fact, Brian actually popped the question three times before Rebeca agreed to make it official. The couple had only recently moved together from New Orleans to California when Brian asked the first and second time. Rebeca said ‘no,’ knowing it would be too much of a challenge planning a wedding while relocating their lives.

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Courtney & Billy’s Jurassic Park Wedding

Courtney and Billy met through mutual friends in 2013. They saw each other a few times in group settings and as they got to know each other, they starting spending more time together one and one. They never really had a first date, just a perfect natural evolution from friendship to romantic love.

Courtney is the manager of the beautiful event venue The Landing 1841. For the proposal, Billy arranged everything with Courtney’s boss to have her come in for a special Valentine’s Day meeting. They set up a beautiful display of flowers and champagne and when Courtney walked inside, Billy was waiting for her on the patio. He pulled out a Barbasol can, just like the one used to smuggle dinosaur embryos in Jurassic Park, and popped open the false bottom of the can to reveal the ring. Laughing through her tears, Courtney said “yes!” and the Jurassic Wedding was on!

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Char & Colin’s Retro Punk Carnival Celebration

Charlotte “Char” and Colin first met 14 years ago in school. They had a class together and the two shy souls nurtured their crushes from a distance. When Char finally gathered up the courage to say “Hi” to Colin whist sharing an elevator ride he actually ran away. “I took that as a cue to never say hello again,” said Char. “And transferred shortly after.”

But ten years later, Colin found Char on OkCupid. He said “Hi” this time and asked her out. For their first date, they went out for dumplings and then to a record store. They did not want to stop hanging out so they prolonged their date by sitting in a park for hours just chatting before going for drinks and playing a few lively rounds of ping pong. “It took three dates for both of us to admit that we knew who each other were before,” said Char. “And we have spent pretty much every day together since.”

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Colleen & Matt's Blush Ballroom Wedding

Colleen and Matt met on OkCupid. When they matched, Matt asked Colleen to meet him for a drink at a bar downtown. They share a love for science fiction television and Matt was aghast that Colleen had not watched the Joss Whedon classic "Firefly." He said that for their second date, he would make sure she watched at least one episode and the rest is history.  

In March of 2017, the couple packed up for a mini road trip to the Madame Sherri Forest in Chesterfield, N.H. to see the castle ruins and take their dog, Merry, for a little adventure. They spent the two hour drive talking and laughing, even with a harrowing drive down a steep and narrow dirt road. When they arrived safely, they took Merry for a walk on the trail and meandered around the ruins.  Colleen sat down on a little bench tucked under one of the old stone staircases and when she looked up, Matt was on one knee with an absolutely beautiful ring in his hand. "I was completely stunned and very emotional," said Colleen. "Merry was too, but I think this was mostly because she thought the ring was edible." After the initial shock wore off, Colleen joyfully said "Yes!"

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Alexis & JaHavon's Romantic Garden Party

Alexis and JaHavon first met in 2011 on the dating site My Yearbook. "Online love is real people!" joked Alexis. JaHavon sent Alexis a simple "Hello," which Alexis did not immediately see, but she responded a few days later. After talking off and on for about six months, they met for the first time on New Years Eve. Alexis was apprehensive to meet him because you cannot always tell what people are really like over the Internet. However, JaHavon drove the four hours to see Alexis and when he stopped in to the Walmart where she was working to pick her up for their first real date Alexis was pleasantly surprised because he was even cuter in person.

After their first weekend together, JaHavon was making the drive almost every weekend to see Alexis even while working brutal 10-hour shifts and finishing up school.  They were falling in love, but Alexis did not want a long distance relationship so she called JaHavon one evening after work and said that she loved him and made the decision to move to East Texas to be with him.

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Dani & Jeremy's Whimsical Chapel Wedding

Dani and Jeremy met online on good ol' Plenty of Fish. After chatting for a week or so on the interwebs, the couple met for the first time "IRL" at a local Tacoma, Wash. restaurant for dinner. Dani said that she was immediately drawn to Jeremy's generosity, humor and charm. They have been inseparable ever since.

The couple were living together in November of 2017 when Jeremy proposed...sort of. Dani got suspicious when Jeremy rushed out to check the mail moments before some friends arrived for a game night that they were hosting. Jeremy tried to play it cool, but Dani noticed a small white box tucked between some letters. "All night long I was on edge thinking he was going to propose at any minute," said Dani. "But nothing." As soon as the last guest left, Dani could not stand it anymore so she asked Jeremy what had come in the mail. He slowly pulled a black velvet box out of his pocket and said “you mean this?” Queue the waterworks from Dani.

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Katy & Sean's Unconventional Camp Wedding

There are not many people who can say that they met their future husband while he was wearing a blonde wig and big fake boobs, but Katy and Sean are not your average couple. The pair met in 2009, while working on a short film (thus Sean's interesting choice of attire) and quickly bonded over their shared love of Daria and Labyrinth. The became best friends first and even shared a house before beginning to officially date in 2013.

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Clarissa & Nick's Disney Woodland Fairytale

Clarissa and Nick had their first date at a dirt bike race. They spent the whole day together, going from the track to dinner and then to a party that some of Nick's friends were throwing. From that first day on, they were inseparable. A few years later, while on vacation at Disney, in front of the big Mouse himself, Nick asked Clarissa to marry him. 

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