Courtney & Billy’s Jurassic Park Wedding

Courtney and Billy met through mutual friends in 2013. They saw each other a few times in group settings and as they got to know each other, they starting spending more time together one and one. They never really had a first date, just a perfect natural evolution from friendship to romantic love.

Courtney is the manager of the beautiful event venue The Landing 1841. For the proposal, Billy arranged everything with Courtney’s boss to have her come in for a special Valentine’s Day meeting. They set up a beautiful display of flowers and champagne and when Courtney walked inside, Billy was waiting for her on the patio. He pulled out a Barbasol can, just like the one used to smuggle dinosaur embryos in Jurassic Park, and popped open the false bottom of the can to reveal the ring. Laughing through her tears, Courtney said “yes!” and the Jurassic Wedding was on!

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Alexis & JaHavon's Romantic Garden Party

Alexis and JaHavon first met in 2011 on the dating site My Yearbook. "Online love is real people!" joked Alexis. JaHavon sent Alexis a simple "Hello," which Alexis did not immediately see, but she responded a few days later. After talking off and on for about six months, they met for the first time on New Years Eve. Alexis was apprehensive to meet him because you cannot always tell what people are really like over the Internet. However, JaHavon drove the four hours to see Alexis and when he stopped in to the Walmart where she was working to pick her up for their first real date Alexis was pleasantly surprised because he was even cuter in person.

After their first weekend together, JaHavon was making the drive almost every weekend to see Alexis even while working brutal 10-hour shifts and finishing up school.  They were falling in love, but Alexis did not want a long distance relationship so she called JaHavon one evening after work and said that she loved him and made the decision to move to East Texas to be with him.

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Michelle & John's Route 66 Cabin Celebration

Michelle and John first met in 2012. John asked to buy the cute blonde a beer when they bumped into each other on the street outside the oldest bar in Ithaca, New York. They had a beer together, but did not exchange numbers and went their separate ways. However, it must have been fate because a month later Michelle was passing the same bar after work and decided to have a quick peek inside. John was there. They had another beer, exchanged numbers this time, and within a week they both knew it was love.

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