Amalie & Sean's Sweetly Simple Vows

Amalie and Sean met in 2008 playing a 3D chatroom game called “Home.” Sean lives in England and Amalie lives in Denmark, but once they discovered they played the same games and shared many of the same interests the distance was hardly a barrier. Their connection deepened over many texts, MSN messages, and Skype calls until one morning, Amalie confessed her feelings.

“I had tried to hint my attraction for the past 6 months, with no luck, so I thought, why not? Just say you love him! And luckily he loved me too.”

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Vanessa & Kevin's Downtown Chicago Elopement

Vanessa and Kevin first met at a gathering in memory of a mutual friend, and gradually started spending more and more time with one another. Living in Puerto Rico, many of their early dates featured warm nights spent together on one of many beaches. On one especially memorable evening, Vanessa and Kevin went for pizza and a walk on the beach, where they ended up stripping to their underwear for a late-night swim.

“I’m usually very insecure about my body,” Vanessa said, “but Kevin has always made me feel beautiful. That night was proof that I could be myself completely around him and not be ashamed.”

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Eliza & Daniel's Elegant Springtime Affair

Both Eliza and Daniel are gleefully impulsive people. They met on a blind date and have been partners in adventure and love ever since. During a spontaneous holiday to Tuscany in 2017, Daniel surprised Eliza with a champagne picnic overlooking the gorgeous Italian countryside. It was in this perfect, romantic setting that he dropped down to one knee and asked to marry her.

At a private family estate, "Landgoed de Ulenpas," in Hoog-Keppel, Gelderland, Netherlands, on June 9th, 2018, Eliza and Daniel came together for their magical, rustic wedding.

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Nicole & Kevin's Timeless Rustic Wedding

Nicole and Kevin's romance started with a drive-in movie. Nicole got a sitter to watch her daughter while they went out, and the first movie went over so well, they were able to stay for the second. Kevin was planning on a grand proposal, but each step of the way, his plans were foiled. Finally, while they were having a meaningless argument, he stopped mid sentence to fetch the ring. He told her she was difficult, but he didn't want to be with anyone else. 

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Robyn & Stephen's Crafty Gothic Celebration

A week or so before Thanksgiving 2010, Robyn and Stephen started chatting online. The day before her birthday, Stephen picked Robyn up in what Robyn called a "shoddy, white, soccer-mom van." They shyly exchanged hellos, he complimented her hoodie, and they walked around the mall. She grabbed his hand to drag him into a store and that moment, according to him, was when he fell in love. He made sure to keep her out past midnight, so he could give her a birthday gift, and was a perfect gentleman. They couldn't wait to see each other again, and two days later they were back at each other's sides. After a second fun date, he looked over at her and asked, "do you want to be my girl?" To which she replied, "tch, obviously."

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Michelle & Shane's Retro Rockabilly Wedding

Michelle met Shane off of OkCupid after starting school in Massachusetts. She was looking to meet someone out of her circle and after talking with Shane for a few weeks, she felt trusting enough to meet him at his house. They went for coffee, he tripped over a wet floor sign, and the rest was history! 
"That explains our whole relationship..." Michelle explained. "He's cute and clumsy, I'm complicated and know what I want."

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