Amalie & Sean's Sweetly Simple Vows

Amalie and Sean met in 2008 playing a 3D chatroom game called “Home.” Sean lives in England and Amalie lives in Denmark, but once they discovered they played the same games and shared many of the same interests the distance was hardly a barrier. Their connection deepened over many texts, MSN messages, and Skype calls until one morning, Amalie confessed her feelings.

“I had tried to hint my attraction for the past 6 months, with no luck, so I thought, why not? Just say you love him! And luckily he loved me too.”

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Kimberly & Derrick's Hollywood Glam Vow Renewal

Kimberly and Derrick met in 1998 when Kimberly was 11 and Derrick was 14. Kimberly's family had just moved into Derrick's apartment complex and she started crushing hard when she saw those dimples. Derrick also had a little crush, and he told Kimberly that he was turning 16 the next day to try to make himself seem cooler and more worldly, but his mom gave up Derrick's real age.

They did not start dating immediately since they were just kids, but they remained friends and officially became boyfriend and girlfriend a few years later. Kimberly said that she really sealed the deal by always looking cute around the apartment complex, even when taking out the trash. 

Fifteen years later, Derrick proposed to Kimberly in the jacuzzi of their romantic hotel room, which he adorned with thousands of rose petals. "I cried like a baby," remarked Kimberly. 

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