Colleen & Matt's Blush Ballroom Wedding

Colleen and Matt met on OkCupid. When they matched, Matt asked Colleen to meet him for a drink at a bar downtown. They share a love for science fiction television and Matt was aghast that Colleen had not watched the Joss Whedon classic "Firefly." He said that for their second date, he would make sure she watched at least one episode and the rest is history.  

In March of 2017, the couple packed up for a mini road trip to the Madame Sherri Forest in Chesterfield, N.H. to see the castle ruins and take their dog, Merry, for a little adventure. They spent the two hour drive talking and laughing, even with a harrowing drive down a steep and narrow dirt road. When they arrived safely, they took Merry for a walk on the trail and meandered around the ruins.  Colleen sat down on a little bench tucked under one of the old stone staircases and when she looked up, Matt was on one knee with an absolutely beautiful ring in his hand. "I was completely stunned and very emotional," said Colleen. "Merry was too, but I think this was mostly because she thought the ring was edible." After the initial shock wore off, Colleen joyfully said "Yes!"

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