Dress Shopping Tips from A Plus Size Stylist

Shopping for your wedding dress should be one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding, but for a lot of plus brides working with boutiques can be disappointing. As a plus size woman and a bridal stylist I always want to make the shopping experience for my plus brides as fun and easy as possible. Here are a few ways to make sure your search for the dress is a good one!

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Learning the Language of Your New Family

My family is comfortable with silence. A dinner with small talk is perfect and an evening watching television together is quality time. Growing up, I felt uncomfortable spending time over friends’ houses whose families chattered on about their personal lives. I had no understanding of how much or how little of myself to give in conversation. Learning to feel comfortable connecting with people on a deeply personal level was lie learning to speak a new language.

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When the Wedding Bells Stop Ringing: Post Wedding Blues

The sun has set over the carefully chosen white linen and lace. The fireworks of photographed kisses have slowed down. You’ve been carried over a threshold (or did the carrying) and have almost fully recovered from bottomless drinks the beach. Have you packed your parachute for landing back into real life?

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Meet The Newest Member of the Big Bride Club: Abi Menzies!

“So…what is your goal weight?”

That was my colleague’s first reaction when I showed her a picture of my brand new designer (plus size!) wedding dress, my pride and joy.

Only moments before, half the office was huddled over my phone asking me what veil I would wear, what kind of shoes I would have, how I would do my hair and makeup - I had answers for all these questions, but I didn’t know how to answer this one.

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The Wedding Theme is You

One reason my husband and I work well together is that we’re complete opposites. Although, when we started planning, this got in our way because we both wanted some different things that didn’t necessary blend well together, like my love for ‘60s MoTown and his for ‘80s hip hop. The task of having to focus on having an additional theme to filter it through, like 1920s travel or a Golden Age Circus was overwhelming.

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The Inspiring Fat Girl Learns to Love Someone Else

I had once made a vow to never leave the house without lipstick. At 17, I was ready to commit to my persona. I would gather my small paycheck from working part-time in a popular mall to spend it all on MAC lipstick bullets. I was comfortable using conventional beauty in full-forced defense towards the oncoming, inevitable judgement in the thoughts of each passerby.

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Thanks, Mom & Dad

Today is my mother's birthday (Hi Mom! Love you so much!) and in honor of that momentous occasion, I wanted to post the speech that I wrote and gave during the reception at our wedding. It's hard to know how to appropriately thank your parents or your family during the wedding process. If you are comfortable, I highly recommend setting aside a time during speeches to really show them some love.

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For the Fat Girl Afraid She'll Never Be a Bride

As a kid, I traded lost pounds for new CDs from my parents, and any ounce of confidence was threatened out by kids at school. Advice passed down to me all pointed to "shrink down and you'll be loved better." Thinness was an important currency for progress, and I was regarded as chump change.

Anytime I was close to the sweet triumph of a good date, this advice would hold me back.

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Fat Bride Demands Normal Shopping Experience

When it came to my wedding, all I’ve ever dreamed about was being a normal bride. I wanted every experience that all other brides got to have. I wanted an engagement party, a shower, a bachelorette party, unique rings, and most of all: a wedding dress that wowed.

The world of plus size clothes shopping has always been more of a vicious hunt than a relaxing pass time. While there are a handful of stores that offer stylish casual clothing in my size, (US 30,) they are all exclusively online. When I say that I wanted to be a normal bride, I mean for everything. I was adamant that I needed to go to a physical bridal shop with my mom and a few close friends and try on several dresses. I wanted to hear their “oohs” and “ahhs” and see how these expensive dresses looked over my many rolls and curves.

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