Illustration commissioned from  Mollie Cronin

Illustration commissioned from Mollie Cronin

Welcome to The Big Bride Club, where plus size brides plan to tie the knot.

By sharing stories of unashamed fat brides planning, organizing, and celebrating the most special day of their lives, we challenge the wedding industry to cater towards every bride; regardless of weight, color, gender, or style.

We focus on the unique and creative nuptials that our club of badass Big Brides have fashioned. Plus size brides have cool jobs, bomb style, and marry their partners and this is their unapologetic platform to showcase and discuss their weddings. 

Our Team


Jane Janeczko Langland is a Northeastern-born, Midwestern-educated, Southern transplant currently living and writing in Atlanta, Ga. This just mostly means that she doesn't have any discernible accent, but she does say some words weird. She likes dogs, ugly clothes, her kid, and dying her hair. She is firmly team #fatisnotabadword. You can reach her via email at or on Instagram @sweetjaneland.

Jane is also a legally ordained minister, if you want a Big Bride Club member to officiate your wedding.

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Ingrid R. Pipes has lived in three major cities, but her heart stopped moving when she met her husband in Pittsburgh. When she’s not writing kitschy copy, she’s checking out vintage cars, shopping for vintage inspired dresses, and setting her hair in vintage curls. (See a pattern here?) She’s got two sweet tempered dogs, Heidi and Hudson, and a lust for travel, beauty, and fat politics. You can chat about all things super size bride by emailing her at or on Instagram at @vintagecitylady.

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Abi Menzies is currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, where she lives in a pocket-sized flat with a pocket-sized husband and a variety of blankets. A fat, passionate Midwesterner with a love of all things television, Abi is a huge fan of oat milk, character actress Margo Martindale, fat positivity, and general friendliness. You can track her down at or on Instagram @abinormalcy.

See her wedding here.


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